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First, thank you for taking the time to visit our ‘About Us’ page to learn more about us and our mission! Without you this wouldn’t be possible. We are so grateful for all our clients, supporters, and our team.

Our Mission

I’ll start by introducing myself and sharing a little bit about our history. My name is Rob, and I’m the owner and founder of Shredded Meals. My personal health and fitness journey began around 2010. I was just your average Joe going to the gym hoping to look better and gain confidence in myself. Using all the ‘tips’ I could find about what I should and shouldn’t do (which often I found contradictory to other things I heard.) There was so much information… do this, don’t do this, only do this sometimes, etc… You know the story! Around 2013, I finally realized I needed to research studies and facts to figure out why there is so much contradictory information in the health/fitness industry. I started to develop a better understanding of the human body, the myths and exaggerations in the industry, and how to create the results I WANTED. After many trials and errors with fad diets, I found flexible dieting. It changed my life. Giving me the flexibility to eat what I want (yes, cake, ice cream, cookies, chocolate, etc…) while still achieving the lifestyle and physique I wanted (enjoying birthday dinners, having a beer or two with friends; all while staying lean, confident, and healthy.) Sounds great, right?! See more

It is! This is why I set out to help others with the same struggles I faced. First, it started by helping friends with understanding macros (macronutrients) and how-to meal prep. Second, it transitioned to helping friends meal prep and prepping for them. Then, I realized that instead of just helping people I know I could expand my reach to people I don’t know. People that don’t have an experienced friend available to help them through their struggles. In December 2015, Shredded Meals was born. By August 2017, I quit my full-time job to follow my passion. As we continue to grow and expand, our focus remains the same. Help people through the struggles we once faced. Help reduce the learning curve that took me 4-5 years. Help people create sustainable habits that mutually benefit their lifestyle and their health and fitness goals. Last, but not least make it easier for people to eat better, feel better, and look better!
It’s been a privilege to help others through their journeys, to see improved confidence, improved life balance, and improved physiques. But most importantly, its been more gratifying than words can express to see the work we do change lives in a positive way. Cheers to making a difference in the world one person at a time!

Flexible Dieting

If you’ve never tried flexible dieting, it can seem too good to be true. We thought so too before we tried it. In summary, flexible dieting says you can eat whatever you want (in moderation) and still develop the body composition you want. With flexible dieting you can still enjoy a glass or two of wine, a piece of cake, or a bowl of ice cream, and you can still lower your body fat at the same time! We know this contradicts many of the things you’ve heard about what it takes to lose weight, BUT flexible dieting is a science backed by studies and thousands of people with results to prove it (including our staff and clients.) The catch? It’s simple.

Track what you eat to meet a protein, carb, and fat goal each day. It’s like budgeting. Want that piece of cake or that glass of beer? Spend some of your carbs and/or fats for the day and fit it into your diet. The area people tend to struggle with flexible dieting is meeting their protein goal without going over their carb or fat goal. Therefore, all our meals are structured to have a good macronutrient balance with a high amount of protein, moderate amount of carbs, and low fats. If you want to learn more about flexible dieting or you want to schedule a consultation for more details Contact Us and we will be glad to help!