Our Food!

Below are many of the options offered by Shredded Meals at this time. Our menu rotates weekly to provide a variety of options each week so you don't always have to eat the same thing each week. 

Each dish consists of a protein, carb, and a veggie.  YOU get to choose your protein, carb, and veggies to fit your taste buds.

We will be adding beef, dessert, and vegan options very soon! 
  1. Shredded Meals Shredded Buffalo Chicken
    Shredded Buffalo Chicken
  2. Shredded Meals Shredded Honey BBQ Chicken
    Shredded Honey BBQ Chicken
  3. Shredded Meals Shredded Sweet Thai Chili Chicken
    Shredded Sweet Thai Chili Chicken
  4. Shredded Meals Shredded Caribbean Jerk Chicken
    Shredded Caribbean Jerk Chicken
  5. Shredded Meals Garlic Herb Chicken
    Garlic Herb Chicken
  6. Shredded Meals Chicken Alfredo
    Chicken Alfredo
  7. Shredded Meals Penne Turkey Marinara
    Penne Turkey Marinara
  8. Shredded Meals Jalapeno Turkey Burger
    Jalapeno Turkey Burger
  9. Shredded Meals Turkey Stir Fry
    Turkey Stir Fry
  10. Shredded Meals Blackened Tilapia
    Blackened Tilapia
  11. Shredded Meals Garlic and Herb Tilapia
    Garlic and Herb Tilapia
  12. Shredded Meals Lemon Pepper Tilapia
    Lemon Pepper Tilapia
  13. Shredded Meals Blackened Salmon
    Blackened Salmon
  14. Shredded Meals Garlic and Herb Salmon
    Garlic and Herb Salmon
  15. Shredded Meals Lemon Pepper Salmon
    Lemon Pepper Salmon
  16. Shredded Meals Apple Cinnamon Pancakes
    Apple Cinnamon Protein Pancakes
  17. Shredded Meals
    Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes