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We want to make it easy for you! We give you the flexibility to choose what is most convenient for your lifestyle. The options below allow you to purchase a la carte, in packs, or to subscribe.

How do you want to order?

Proteins by the Pound

Chef's Choice or Your Choice

Order your meals by the pound. Choose a protein, a vegetable, and a carb, all mixed with your choice of a sauce. Want more? Add-on to your order and create another custom "By the Pound" meal.

À la Carte

Your Choice

Pick the meals that you would like with as many or as little as you would like. Order at any time and order again when you want meals again!

Meal Packs

Chef's Choice or Your Choice

Choose the quantity of meals you would like and customize your meal pack with the options you choose at a discounted rate. Order at any time and order again when you want meals again!


Chef's Choice or Your Choice

Enroll in a weekly meal plan for a specific amount of meals each week with the options you choose and receive a larger discount. Customize your order each week or receive a randomized order for the quantity you choose!

How it Works


Fresh ingredients for the best taste! Always delivered fresh & never frozen.


Meals are designed to promote health & wellness by focusing on macronutrient breakdowns.


Our chefs do all of the prepping & cooking for you. Meals are delivered prepared & ready to eat.


Weekly delivery straight to your home or pick-up at one of our convenient pick-up locations!

Our recipes rotate every week so you get to enjoy variety and choose the meals you like!.

Our Weekly Menu


Matt G.

Very happy with the service. I have never had an error or mistake with the service, delivery is always prompt and professional. I’ve used meal delivery services before and what I like about Shredded meals is you get quality made meals, but you get to select each week what you want and only pay as you buy. I have lost weight considerably eating a regimented meal plan daily which is giving me well cooked and made meals that I do not have the time in my day to make and has left out all the in between junk eating. I’m very pleased with the service and company!

Alison S.

20 stars if I could!! The best thank you !!! The food tastes fresh every time we eat. Even if it’s been days. We will be placing our order. U guys Rock!!

Zack M.

Every meal since day 1 has been nothing but phenomenal. I love these meals hot or cold! 3 years later and never had any problems! Thanks again! Always a pleasure.

Give the Gift of Good Health!

Help someone you know eat better and feel better! You know that friend that keeps asking about your meals? We now offer gift cards so they can enjoy them too :)

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Give the Gift of Good Health!
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